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Poster Traveller

We know very well that beneath that thick skin is the gentle soul of an art lover in each of us. That's why we got together with an incredibly talented artist Adrian Macha aka Sea side spirit, who created this beauty for you.

Let us set the stage:

You are a father and you are feeling remorse that you are buying something only for yourself and nothing for kids. BOOM you add the poster to your cart and you are good. Kids will have beautiful decorations in the room and you will have a clear conscience.

Next one, you have luxurious equipment, the most modern smartphone, computer, but the walls are empty and the house or apartment is missing something. BOOM you frame this poster and put it on the wall. Do you feel it too? This is a completely different feeling, now you can feel the warmth of the fireplace and the general well-being.

And what about this one, you only have documents and sheets scattered on your desk? You don't even know why you working at this place anymore and you're feeling burned out? BOOM you put this poster on your desk and you will know why, so we can grow beards together.

And we could go on forever. This is something that everyone will appreciate. So put him in the shopping cart so you can make any place nicer.


Artist: Seasidespirit

Description: Interpretation of the adventurous spirit, which hides in Christopher, The Traveller

Variants: Complete view of bearded man with soul of traveller or detail of traveller's soul

Paper: 250 g chalk

Protection: 5 mm tubus


Poster Traveller

Brand name: Angry Beards
Category: Men's clothing and accessories
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